Can Your Relationship Survive the Distance?

The transition from high school to university or college is one of the most life changing transitions you will make in your teenage years. It means leaving behind the safety of high school and the house you’ve lived in your whole life, to a place that can seem utterly horrifying. To most freshmen, university or college is lonely, scary and extremely intimidating. It is starting yourself over, on an entirely different and unfamiliar territory. For some, it’s leaving the comfort of their homes, and for others it’s leaving the comfort of their loved ones. Loved ones could mean the friends they’ve had for years, or loved ones meaning their high school sweethearts. Every high school couple fears this one situation, and that is the infamous long distance relationship (otherwise known as LDR).

Whether your significant other is older, younger or the same age as you, this is a typical struggle that occurs when high school is over. Long distance relationships are usually a compromise that must be made when your loved one has to move away due to school or work, and you can’t physically see each other except for a couple of times a month/year. Although long distance relationships are difficult and frustrating, there are ways to keep it alive, fun and most importantly…make it work.

One of the first key concepts to keep in mind if you are having a hard time dealing with a long distance relationship is to keep busy and be positive. One of the easiest but worst thing to do while being in this situation is to mope around, and be upset and negative about missing your significant other. Although it’s hard with them not being around, but being upset and constantly thinking and worrying about it will make the situation worse. Ways to keep busy can be watching movies with your room mates or a friend, and spending time with your other loved ones.

Another extremely important factor when it comes to keeping up a long distance relationship is trust. Without trust, no relationship can survive (especially a long distance one). It’s important that you trust your partner, in order to keep a happy relationship. No relationship can be strong enough if one person is always wondering whether or not your significant other is going to betray you.  Trust also eases the situation by providing you comfort in knowing that whatever your significant other is doing, he or she knows that they shouldn’t do anything to put your relationship in danger.

Another contending factor, almost as important as trust, is communication. Not being able to see someone face to face makes keeping up a relationship extremely challenging.  Miscommunication becomes another obstacle you have to overcome, as it is a result of only communicating through what you physically can (which is typically social media). It’s always important to convey to each other how you are feeling about things, so it leaves room for improvement in the relationship. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings in the relationship, which creates an unhealthy situation. Communication is essentially the base of building trust in a relationship, and helps make your bond stronger. It’s important to be open when communicating with your partner, because it creates a sense of comfort between the two of you. Good communication is one of the biggest things to work on in a relationship, because bad communication typically results in a fall out and argument. Communication improves the bond you have together, as well as helps fix issues and strengthens the both of you.

Although relationships long distance can be a very difficult thing, there are things you can do to make your relationship enjoyable. There are ways to keep your relationship alive and interesting, even if you cant always be together as much as you would like to.

One of the many things you can do is to make a surprise visit to your partner. Aside from trying to arrange days of the month that work for you both, as a day to see each other; it is possible to make your relationship fun and give your partner a surprise visit that they wouldn’t necessarily see coming. This gives you more time to spend with your loved one, as well as adding some fun to a not-so-fun situation.

Thanks to our growing technology, other ways to keep in touch is through the amazing thing we call social media. This goes as far as Twitter, Facebook, text and Skype/ face time. Skype allows you to visually see each other, which helps improve your bond with each other and help keeps you close through this rough time. Facebook comes in handy when it comes to the need to share pictures, videos and even messages with one another. It helps your significant other see how your day is going, and what your plans are (in the non creepy way), and you are able to keep tabs on them too. Twitter has almost the same purpose, where it becomes simple to share thoughts and plans for the day with one another, as well as allowing you to chat with one each other. Texting is the biggest thing, where it becomes extremely easy to talk to one another, as if you are constantly talking on the phone or as if the person is actually with you. It helps keep in touch, and strengthens the bond of you two while apart.

Long distance relationships are a truly difficult thing that takes effort, time, strength, trust and patience. They have many negatives, but there are many positives as well, which is increasing the strength of your relationship with each other. The biggest thing to remember is that if you didn’t think your relationship was worth it, you wouldn’t stress and go through an LDR. It’s important to keep a positive mind, and to never give up. Although it seems close too impossible, making a long distance relationship is possible. If you keep these things in mind while your loved one is away, it’ll help you get through it. These tips can help you stay connected and help your relationship survive the distance.


Target Launches “Ava And Viv”

MTI3NjAwNjE3OTE1OTgwMjU0Recently, in the past week, Target has announced that they will be launching their new “plus size” clothes by the “Ava and Viv Line”. On, it has been stated that this has been a working project for the past year, and it is the first time Target has released something unique and different like this clothing line. As a store that currently only offers sizes up to 18, it is changing its outlook on body image and perception for this particular line. Ava and Viv will be offering sizes up to 26 and 4X, which is a new concept for Target.

For the longest time, society has shaped us to believe that “skinny” is the only type of girl that is allowed to be creative, have fun, and be in love with fashion. With this new line, as well as a new coming of age theory, it has been established that “skinny” is no longer the only type of perfect body image. As a society, we are realizing that every single body type is its own unique and beautiful physique, and this clothing line makes it evident. When a spokes person of the company, Joshua Thomas, spoke to he stated that “This line is developed specifically for a woman who loves fashion and who happens to be plus size, It not only takes into consideration wardrobe basics, trend pieces [and] everything you need to build your foundational and statement pieces, but we’ve taken our focus on fit to borderline obsession because we know that’s critically important to the plus-size guest.”Targets-New-Plus-Size-Label-AVA-VIV-Spring-Look-Book-8

Many are pleased with the news of this launch, and are excited to see how successful this line will be. Keep an eye out for this unique fashion clothing line to come out, as it is expected to hit stores mid-February.

Urban Outfitters Controversy (Yes, Another One)

Not failing to leave its mark in the fashion industry, Urban Outfitters has created nothing but buzz and received constant attention. Operating in several countries, such as Canada, The United Kingdom, and France, it is an industry that caters to teens and young adults. Urban Outfitters tends to create a buzz, and for many cases the news that spreads is not positive towards the company. Although it is a unique store, with a special shopping experience and a popular “hipster” style, the company has faced many controversies one too many times.

On January 5th 2015, People Magazine released information on a certain picture that Urban Outfitters was demanded to take off of their online website. The United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority ordered for them to take down a picture of a model wearing lingerie, advertising the “thigh gap”. The “thigh gap” has been a term promoted among teens, especially teen girls, in which one must have a certain amount of space between their thighsshops_urbanoutfitters to be classified as “skinny”. They United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority claimed,“We considered that the model was very thin, and noted, in particular, that there was a significant gap between the model’s thighs, and that her thighs and knees were a similar width,” according to Time. It was the ASA (people who create guidelines that U.K brands must follow for ads and imaging), who believed that the model looked too skinny and didn’t meet the guidelines of a healthy model. Urban Outfitters retracted the complaint saying, “The model was represented by one of the UK’s most successful and well-respected agencies. We do not believe she was underweight.” Many found this to be controversial, especially due to the company having a very delicate clientele of teenage girls, who may potentially be at risk for struggling with a growing body image.

This has not been the only eyebrow raiser that Urban Outfitters has created, there have been many incidents in the past couple of years that have made many people reconsider putting their money into this company. Another argumentative product along the lines of body image was when they released a t-shirt that said “eat less” displayed on an appealingly underweight model. Although the message according to Urban Outfitters is not relating to any type of eating disorder, they claim that “Eat less or more or however much you’d like in this seriously soft knit tee cut long and topped with a v-neck” (According to So although it was not intending to be about literally eating less, many customers felt that it was still and influence to eating disorders. They believed that it would create negativity among teens and promote anorexia.


“Eat Less” Shirt By Urban Outfitters

Although it is a very popular and well-known store, Urban Outfitters has created many products that have caused disbelief and controversy to several people. According to, the company is aware of their faults, and has released many apologies saying “this truth does not excuse us from our failure to identify potential controversial products head on. We, as a company who caters to a college-age demographic, have a responsibility to uphold to our customers. Given our history of controversial issues, we understand how our sincerity may be questioned.”

The products that stores release and display hold great importance in reflecting the company and the ethics they hold. It is important to be aware of the stores you shop at, as well as the reputation they have before you invest into their products. How many more chances will Urban Outfitters get before they are labelled a bad name in the fashion industry?

Crisace Launches New “I-hair”


In the world of hair extensions, most people are familiar with the general idea of what they are. Hair extensions are a method of lengthening one’s hair through the use of synthetic or human hair. They are often used for beauty purposes to create certain looks or simply because one may want longer hair with more volume. There are many different types of hair extensions that most people probably did not know existed. The most known type is hot fusion extensions (keratin bonds), which are installed by hot glue. Duo Domination did some research as we looked into a Canadian hair extension company, “Crisace,” to find out all about the world of hair extensions. Crisace has been an up and running business for over 10 years along with its affiliated hair and beauty salon, Hairways VIP. Both are located in Markham, Ontario and are founded by Chris Popovski who has been in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. Chris’s hair extension company, Crisace, offers its finest hair and beauty products to clients and businesses internationally and all across North America. Right now, their most popular and demanding hair extension is the cold fusion, which is also known as “Ready2go.” This is a line of tape extensions that are quick and easy to install and the hair is reusable time after time. Crisace’s hair extensions are all 100% natural human hair and Chris was able to give us the scoop on the benefits of using natural hair extensions as opposed to synthetic hair.

Natural hair extensions are a great product because the extensions are 100% AAA Remy human hair. This means that the extensions are easier to style, colour and perm enabling one to treat it as their own hair. A major plus of having human extensions is that the hair may be dyed to match your own colour. Another type of hair extensions that Crisace has is their line of “Rock Star Hair”. These are coloured extensions; the fantasy colours such as blue, red, purple and pink. Then there is “Hair2go,” which are clip in fibre bangs that come in the fantasy colours, natural shades and blended shades, as do all their other extension lines, and lay completely flat to the client’s head. “Hair2go” are the only synthetic extensions, resistant to high temperatures, and can be used a number of times. All of Crisace’s hair extensions are made of high quality material that can be tooled to 180 degrees. Clients can style their hair extensions however they like with any hot flat iron or curling iron. Crisace also has their own products such as flat irons, blow dryers; brushes- including particular brushes for hair extensions- shampoo, conditioner and a variety of other hair care products. If you are interested in purchasing hair extensions from Crisace you can get them installed at Hairways VIP Salon. Crisace is not one to disappoint as it is one of the best luxury brand hair extension brands in the world.

Crisace will be launching their new product “I-hair” at the ISSE (International Salon and Spa Expo) in three days at their annual Long Beach, California show. The show will be running from Saturday, January 24 to Monday, January 26 at the Long Beach Convention Centre. Crisace has been participating in shows like the ISSE for the last eight years all across North America to reach out to customers and give them a chance to see their products. Their annual shows like the ISSE also take place in the cities of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. “I-hair” is a new gravity system that attaches to one’s head by a thin, invisible wire that is hidden by one’s hair. It takes less than a minute to fit and install and one second to remove. This may just be one of the best hair extension innovations yet! As the world of hair extensions is evolving, Crisace is always up to date with the best new products that will certainly treat your hair well.

For more information about Crisace and their products you can visit their website at

For information on Hairways VIP Salon or to book an appointment visit

Be Kind, It Can Go A Long Way

An act of kindness can go a long way. It affects people more than one would know, especially when performed at the right time and place. Each and every one of us has a busy life filled with many different responsibilities. Day to day we experience things- some days better than others- and you never know when someone could be having a bad day. A simple act of kindness, such as a friendly wave or small gesture, can really turn someone’s whole day around. With the new year reeling in, we should try to take on our lives with a fresh start and positive attitude. By doing this, we can find motivation in everything, which will only help us to succeed. With the new year we can all find inspiration, to first, be better people for ourselves, which will go a long way on having an impact on the people around us.

We all know how it feels to be treated nicely by someone. We experience it from our own family members, friends, teachers or co-workers and even total strangers. When someone compliments you or goes out of their way to help you, it makes you feel welcomed and appreciated on the inside. Knowing how this makes us feel gives us awareness of how it will make others feel. As we all know the saying, “treat others the way you would like to be treated,” it is certainly true when performing acts of kindness. This year find strength and beauty in everything and always see the good in people and the rest of the world.

I wanted to start off this year with a positive mind set and outlook on everything that is currently going on in my life. Although this month is the start to a new year it is also a very busy one if you are in high school, like I am, and are approaching exams. Whatever it is that you may have going on in your life, remember to press pause and enjoy the little moments. Take time for yourself, here and there, to do the things that make you happy. Today I was feeling very inspired and grateful for my life; I wanted to do something for others that would hopefully make their day. I picked twenty of my favourite quotes that are about good spirit and kindness. I wrote down these quotes on colourful paper and wrote the quotes in coloured pen. This way, not only were the written messages positive and upbringing, but the appearance of them were also happy and cheery! If you are feeling happy and in the mood to give back to others you can easily do what I did, or take the gesture further and give back to those in need through volunteer work or by donating to charities and organizations. One thing that I find really inspiring, and I think is a super cool way to make someone’s day, is to write a kind letter and send it to a random address anywhere in the world. Not only are you sending a nice message that makes you feel good but it is also fun and exhilarating with the mysteriousness of not knowing who will receive your letter. This is something I will soon be doing and if you too are interested in doing this then go ahead and do it; there is nothing stopping you! I hope 2015 is a great year for everyone and remember that you are the key to your own happiness, so this year don’t be afraid to be who you are.

Hold Up 2015

10, 9, 8…5, 4, 3, 2, 1.….Happy New Year! Hold up, it’s the countdown already? Well not just yet but it’s almost time. In just a few hours 2015 will finally be here. It’s the day of New Year’s Eve and for most people that means it’s time to celebrate. If you are hosting a last minute party and that countdown won’t stop ticking in your head, don’t panic, duo domination is here to help! We know it may seem like you have so much to do but really you are only stressing yourself out. So take a deep breath and try not to worry. If you are off during the day, you have a lot of time to get things done, and even if you are working or are busy during the day, no need to rush, we have made a short list of errands for you to make on your way home. The main concern for any party is food, mainly munchies and snacks for people to eat while they mingle. Since you won’t need to cook any meals, the food is quite simple. If you have any chips or crackers at home that is perfect. Put some chips into a bowl and with the crackers you can make a cracker and cheese platter. Hopefully you have some cheese but if you don’t have enough to serve everyone stop by the grocery store on the way home and pick up some cheese. Some other items you may want to buy (if you don’t already have them) are vegetables or fruit to make a platter, pita bread and dip, premade, frozen appetizers that you can quickly pop in the oven (such as mozzarella sticks, pierogies, quiches, etc.) and some pop or any other drinks suitable to your liking. Lastly, to add to your finger foods, you can order a couple of pizzas and cut them into small pieces (or leave them as is) to serve as another appetizer. You can also pick up any sweets if you would like, but as long as you have appetizers you’re good. Now that food is out of the way you can pretty much calm down because the next few things are easy tasks. Everyone knows that you need music at any good party so put together a little playlist of the greatest hits from 2014 that will make people want to get up and dance. If you don’t have time to make a playlist ask someone to make one for you or if you don’t have an iPod or any music ask someone to bring his or hers along with a speaker (if you don’t have one) and you got your music solved. Lastly, people often worry about the appearance of their home. Don’t freak out over making sure your home is spotless. Instead, do a quick clean up by putting things away and don’t focus too much on vacuuming because your house will just be a mess afterwards anyways. To add to your home, if you are someone who likes to decorate for a party, stop by the dollar store or any party supply store and pick up some New Year’s banners, streamers, balloons, etc. Also, at any of these stores you can find New Year’s hats, necklaces, glasses, and horns that are fun gadgets for everyone to show off their New Year spirit. The last important items you will also find at these stores, that will help you with your food, are plastic utensils and paper plates and cups that say “Happy New Year” on them. To prepare for this very last minute New Year’s Eve party is not so bad. After you make these two stops to the grocery store and dollar store/party store, you are good to go! We hope that these tips help you have the best New Year’s Party yet! Sit back, relax and enjoy the night! Happy New Year everyone!

2015 Bring On The Sparkle


New Year’s Eve is almost here, time to celebrate and toast to new beginnings. New year, new me so say goodbye to 2014 and raise a glass to 2015. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate as we look back on this past year and remember how grateful we all are for being able to live through an awesome year. It’s a time where we are lucky to be brought into a new year filled with many new things. On this night we recollect our greatest memories, achievements and experiences and take in the exact moment to where it has brought us all. And during this moment, you may find yourself at a party. New Year’s Eve is a night to have fun, filled with lots of excitement, so if you will be attending a smashing party be sure to check out the greatest fashion looks! The look for New Year’s Eve screams nothing but sparkles! This is a night to shine, stand out from the crowd and sparkle in the light. No matter what you are wearing, be sure that it sparkles! If you don’t own anything glittery or packed with sequence, we have provided some links below to find out where we got our glittery looks. Don’t have time to shop? That’s okay because lucky for you there are many ways to sparkle up any outfit. You can simply do this by wearing glittery eye shadow, blush, lip-gloss and painting your nails a sparkly colour. These makeup and nail polish buys below will ensure that this New Year’s Eve you will glow! You can also add some sparkle to your outfit by wearing a pretty headband or jewelry pieces that are sure to make a shiny statement. Whether you attend a New Year’s party or not, it is still a night to celebrate. If you are celebrating from home you can create your own fun by having a family dance party, playing some games, looking back on memories, sharing stories and of course watch the ball drop and join in on the countdown. Wherever you find yourself on New Year’s Eve be sure to look your best and stand out. Be confident, that is your best bet to shine and feel good inside. Make an entrance to the New Year with an outfit that will never be forgotten! This New Year’s Eve be you and own the last night before 2015.

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Christmas Countdown: 10 movies to get you in your holiday spirit!

Today marks November 25th 2014, which just so happens to be the date that is exactly one month away from Christmas! This one month away mark makes it okay to officially go crazy and decorate for Christmas (but lets be real… we love Christmas 365 days a year). To get you in the holiday mood, as if the malls and TV commercials weren’t doing a good enough job, we have designed this fabulous countdown to get you Christmas READY.

And you’re probably thinking, what better way to start this Christmas countdown? Well my friend, I think giving you 10 christmas movies of all time (..based on reviews at least), is a kick ass way to start it! So grab some popcorn, grab some couch, grab a friend (or yourself), and get comfortable because you are in for some relaxing holiday fun.

1. ELF
2. Love Actually
3. A Christmas Story
4. A Christmas Carol
5. Miracle on 34th Street
6. Santa Clause (1-3)
7. Home Alone (all of them !!!)
8. A Charlie Brown Christmas
9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Check out Netflix or online for a billion more movie options, but these are all crowd pleasers. We hope you enjoy this kick off to your countdown, and stay tuned for more Christmas themed fun! xoxo

Halloween: 1 Day Away! Halloween Bags, Baskets and Bowls

Halloween is tomorrow! If you are thinking of giving anyone any gifts of candy or treats, we found some great, unique ideas that make simple yet creative gift ideas! Instead of putting your candy in a boring old bag, take it up a level with these cool basket, bowl and bag ideas! We found some different ideas that allow you to put your own twist on it! Make someone’s day with these cute, simple and giving gift ideas. If you are also looking for unique ways to present your snacks and candy to all those trick-or-treaters, these ideas are also a perfect fit. Check out these ideas and people will certainly remember you for these fun and Halloween spirited accessories.

For more ideas, check out:

Halloween: 1 Day Away! Upgrade your Halloween Party

Tomorrow is Halloween and you know what that means….time to celebrate! This year Halloween couldn’t be any more perfect, I mean what better way to kick off your weekend with a Friday night Halloween party! Wether you will be attending a Halloween party or hosting one yourself, it’s a night to show off your costume and have a good time! If you are hosting a party we’ve got your back! You can check out our previous posts from this week’s Halloween countdown. We found the best Halloween snacks, treats, decor and crafts to decorate your home and of course we’ve got your music covered. Also if your definition of a Halloween Friday night calls for scary movies, popcorn, pumpkin spice lattes and dessert, well we can also help! Check out our post on Halloween movies, horrors and classics.

For all of you hosting a Halloween party, here are 27 awesome ways to upgrade your party! We found some of the best ideas. Not only are they creative, super decorative and spooky, they are also super easy! This is perfect for making your party ten times cooler in a short amount of time.

If you like what you see, click on the link below for more perfect Halloween inspired party ideas.

Your party will be the best one yet! Happy Halloween!