Summer Candles Step Aside, It’s Time For Fall Scents

Candles are decor essentials that stick around no matter what season it is. This fall season calls for the clearing out of summer scents, and bringing in the old and new fall candles. 

Last week, Melissa and I adventured out to the candle experts, Bath and Body Works, to get the latest scoop on the most popular fall candle this season, as well as picking out a few of our favourites to try and review. According to a Bath and Body Works employee, one of the most popular scents for fall is the “Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin” scent. “Actually, all year round the most popular candle scent has been Japanese Cherry Blossom”, and has been for 25 years” She added in after she told us falls scent. (So if you’re ever unsure of a smell to chose from, check out the Japanese Cherry Blossom- it will not disappoint!)

After checking out Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin (which smelt delicious), we picked up some scents, both old and new, that we couldn’t help but grab. Tailgate, is one of the perfect scents if you’re into the woods-ie, musky scents- it literally smells like a high school football game. Perfect for putting you into the homecoming/fall mood. Sea Salt & Maple Popcorn is ideal for any area of the house for this season, with a mixture of sweet and salty (it smells delicious!) Mahogany Teakwood is a personal all time fave of mine, and so it is one of my seasonal essentials. I didn’t pick up White Water Birch or Mahogany Teakwood on our endeavour to B&B that occurred recently, but i figured I would toss them into one of the many great fall scents. Marshmallow Fireside is another one that i previously purchased, but it is currently being sold during this season, and it smells like a bonfire (and who doesn’t love the smell of roasting marshmallows?!) it is not only great for fall, but great for winter as well. And lastly, but certainly not the last of the fabulous fall scents B&B has to offer, is Spiced Apple Toddy, for the perfect sweet and spicy smell that can be ideal for either fall or winter.

The 3 wick candles are the largest candles that can be purchased at B&B Canada, and their regular retail sale is $22.50 CAN each, The mason jar candles retail for $12.50 CAN each, whereas the small candles retail for $10.00 CAN typically. If you aren’t the type to be committed to a candle, try out the mini candles, which are ideal for sampling scents. They retail for about $4.50CAN.

Bath and Body Works is notorious for they’re fabulous deals, they always have something new going on, between promos, gifts after purchase and coupons. Be sure to check out the Bath and Body Works nearest to you, or check out their website to find out when the latest deals are hitting your location.

All of these candles were purchased from bath and body works canada.

All of these candles were purchased from bath and body works canada.


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