Halloween: 5 Days……Turn Up The Music

Halloween is only 5 days away and we are so excited we decided to do a countdown! Every day this week, leading up to Halloween, we will be sharing many halloween goodies from treats and snacks, to movies and songs, to decor and games, trick or treating and last minute costume ideas!

Halloween is a fun celebration that comes around once a year. It’s a time where we get to dress up- be anyone we want- enjoy many festivities and tons of treats! To get you into the Halloween spirit we’ve got some songs that will pump up your week! Monday is the day we go back to school or the day we go back to work. No one looks forward to Monday so what better way to liven up your day than a couple of rock out tunes! Listen to these up beat songs and Friday will be here before you know it. Start off your day with a sing- into- your- hairbrush- kind of morning! Before you go to school or work- before you face that long day ahead of you- listen to these songs! They will give you an extra wake up call to help you push through the day! Already getting tired and its not even lunch? Pull out your iPod, plug in those ear buds and dance your way to your next class. There is always time for music- in between classes, on your breaks, at your lunch, and of course on your way home! Blast the speakers or blow those headphones and jam to Halloween’s beat! But thats not all, when you get home have yourself a little dance party and let loose! Your finally home and after a day of hard work you deserve to celebrate! Any time is fine and as long as you have these songs you’ll be energized for that friday night Halloween party in no time!

Check out this link to Billboard’s top 10 Halloween picks!


If that wasn’t enough check out Time Out New York Magazine


Our favourites are “Thriller,” “Highway to Hell,” “Werewolves of London,” and “Somebody’s watching me.” What are yours!? Share your comments below! We hope you enjoy! Rock out!


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