Christmas Countdown: 10 movies to get you in your holiday spirit!

Today marks November 25th 2014, which just so happens to be the date that is exactly one month away from Christmas! This one month away mark makes it okay to officially go crazy and decorate for Christmas (but lets be real… we love Christmas 365 days a year). To get you in the holiday mood, as if the malls and TV commercials weren’t doing a good enough job, we have designed this fabulous countdown to get you Christmas READY.

And you’re probably thinking, what better way to start this Christmas countdown? Well my friend, I think giving you 10 christmas movies of all time (..based on reviews at least), is a kick ass way to start it! So grab some popcorn, grab some couch, grab a friend (or yourself), and get comfortable because you are in for some relaxing holiday fun.

1. ELF
2. Love Actually
3. A Christmas Story
4. A Christmas Carol
5. Miracle on 34th Street
6. Santa Clause (1-3)
7. Home Alone (all of them !!!)
8. A Charlie Brown Christmas
9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
10. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Check out Netflix or online for a billion more movie options, but these are all crowd pleasers. We hope you enjoy this kick off to your countdown, and stay tuned for more Christmas themed fun! xoxo


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