2015 Bring On The Sparkle


New Year’s Eve is almost here, time to celebrate and toast to new beginnings. New year, new me so say goodbye to 2014 and raise a glass to 2015. New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate as we look back on this past year and remember how grateful we all are for being able to live through an awesome year. It’s a time where we are lucky to be brought into a new year filled with many new things. On this night we recollect our greatest memories, achievements and experiences and take in the exact moment to where it has brought us all. And during this moment, you may find yourself at a party. New Year’s Eve is a night to have fun, filled with lots of excitement, so if you will be attending a smashing party be sure to check out the greatest fashion looks! The look for New Year’s Eve screams nothing but sparkles! This is a night to shine, stand out from the crowd and sparkle in the light. No matter what you are wearing, be sure that it sparkles! If you don’t own anything glittery or packed with sequence, we have provided some links below to find out where we got our glittery looks. Don’t have time to shop? That’s okay because lucky for you there are many ways to sparkle up any outfit. You can simply do this by wearing glittery eye shadow, blush, lip-gloss and painting your nails a sparkly colour. These makeup and nail polish buys below will ensure that this New Year’s Eve you will glow! You can also add some sparkle to your outfit by wearing a pretty headband or jewelry pieces that are sure to make a shiny statement. Whether you attend a New Year’s party or not, it is still a night to celebrate. If you are celebrating from home you can create your own fun by having a family dance party, playing some games, looking back on memories, sharing stories and of course watch the ball drop and join in on the countdown. Wherever you find yourself on New Year’s Eve be sure to look your best and stand out. Be confident, that is your best bet to shine and feel good inside. Make an entrance to the New Year with an outfit that will never be forgotten! This New Year’s Eve be you and own the last night before 2015.

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