Crisace Launches New “I-hair”


In the world of hair extensions, most people are familiar with the general idea of what they are. Hair extensions are a method of lengthening one’s hair through the use of synthetic or human hair. They are often used for beauty purposes to create certain looks or simply because one may want longer hair with more volume. There are many different types of hair extensions that most people probably did not know existed. The most known type is hot fusion extensions (keratin bonds), which are installed by hot glue. Duo Domination did some research as we looked into a Canadian hair extension company, “Crisace,” to find out all about the world of hair extensions. Crisace has been an up and running business for over 10 years along with its affiliated hair and beauty salon, Hairways VIP. Both are located in Markham, Ontario and are founded by Chris Popovski who has been in the beauty industry for more than 25 years. Chris’s hair extension company, Crisace, offers its finest hair and beauty products to clients and businesses internationally and all across North America. Right now, their most popular and demanding hair extension is the cold fusion, which is also known as “Ready2go.” This is a line of tape extensions that are quick and easy to install and the hair is reusable time after time. Crisace’s hair extensions are all 100% natural human hair and Chris was able to give us the scoop on the benefits of using natural hair extensions as opposed to synthetic hair.

Natural hair extensions are a great product because the extensions are 100% AAA Remy human hair. This means that the extensions are easier to style, colour and perm enabling one to treat it as their own hair. A major plus of having human extensions is that the hair may be dyed to match your own colour. Another type of hair extensions that Crisace has is their line of “Rock Star Hair”. These are coloured extensions; the fantasy colours such as blue, red, purple and pink. Then there is “Hair2go,” which are clip in fibre bangs that come in the fantasy colours, natural shades and blended shades, as do all their other extension lines, and lay completely flat to the client’s head. “Hair2go” are the only synthetic extensions, resistant to high temperatures, and can be used a number of times. All of Crisace’s hair extensions are made of high quality material that can be tooled to 180 degrees. Clients can style their hair extensions however they like with any hot flat iron or curling iron. Crisace also has their own products such as flat irons, blow dryers; brushes- including particular brushes for hair extensions- shampoo, conditioner and a variety of other hair care products. If you are interested in purchasing hair extensions from Crisace you can get them installed at Hairways VIP Salon. Crisace is not one to disappoint as it is one of the best luxury brand hair extension brands in the world.

Crisace will be launching their new product “I-hair” at the ISSE (International Salon and Spa Expo) in three days at their annual Long Beach, California show. The show will be running from Saturday, January 24 to Monday, January 26 at the Long Beach Convention Centre. Crisace has been participating in shows like the ISSE for the last eight years all across North America to reach out to customers and give them a chance to see their products. Their annual shows like the ISSE also take place in the cities of Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. “I-hair” is a new gravity system that attaches to one’s head by a thin, invisible wire that is hidden by one’s hair. It takes less than a minute to fit and install and one second to remove. This may just be one of the best hair extension innovations yet! As the world of hair extensions is evolving, Crisace is always up to date with the best new products that will certainly treat your hair well.

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One thought on “Crisace Launches New “I-hair”

  1. Hi I just wanted to thank Mike ,he sold me the 18″ hair extensions at javits center I.B.Show in new york! I wanted to thank him personally he was very helpful n told me everything I need to know about Crisace. Thank you sooo much. I got banged n love my new hair. Cyndie please email me thank u again


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