Target Launches “Ava And Viv”

MTI3NjAwNjE3OTE1OTgwMjU0Recently, in the past week, Target has announced that they will be launching their new “plus size” clothes by the “Ava and Viv Line”. On, it has been stated that this has been a working project for the past year, and it is the first time Target has released something unique and different like this clothing line. As a store that currently only offers sizes up to 18, it is changing its outlook on body image and perception for this particular line. Ava and Viv will be offering sizes up to 26 and 4X, which is a new concept for Target.

For the longest time, society has shaped us to believe that “skinny” is the only type of girl that is allowed to be creative, have fun, and be in love with fashion. With this new line, as well as a new coming of age theory, it has been established that “skinny” is no longer the only type of perfect body image. As a society, we are realizing that every single body type is its own unique and beautiful physique, and this clothing line makes it evident. When a spokes person of the company, Joshua Thomas, spoke to he stated that “This line is developed specifically for a woman who loves fashion and who happens to be plus size, It not only takes into consideration wardrobe basics, trend pieces [and] everything you need to build your foundational and statement pieces, but we’ve taken our focus on fit to borderline obsession because we know that’s critically important to the plus-size guest.”Targets-New-Plus-Size-Label-AVA-VIV-Spring-Look-Book-8

Many are pleased with the news of this launch, and are excited to see how successful this line will be. Keep an eye out for this unique fashion clothing line to come out, as it is expected to hit stores mid-February.


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