Can Your Relationship Survive the Distance?

The transition from high school to university or college is one of the most life changing transitions you will make in your teenage years. It means leaving behind the safety of high school and the house you’ve lived in your whole life, to a place that can seem utterly horrifying. To most freshmen, university or college is lonely, scary and extremely intimidating. It is starting yourself over, on an entirely different and unfamiliar territory. For some, it’s leaving the comfort of their homes, and for others it’s leaving the comfort of their loved ones. Loved ones could mean the friends they’ve had for years, or loved ones meaning their high school sweethearts. Every high school couple fears this one situation, and that is the infamous long distance relationship (otherwise known as LDR).

Whether your significant other is older, younger or the same age as you, this is a typical struggle that occurs when high school is over. Long distance relationships are usually a compromise that must be made when your loved one has to move away due to school or work, and you can’t physically see each other except for a couple of times a month/year. Although long distance relationships are difficult and frustrating, there are ways to keep it alive, fun and most importantly…make it work.

One of the first key concepts to keep in mind if you are having a hard time dealing with a long distance relationship is to keep busy and be positive. One of the easiest but worst thing to do while being in this situation is to mope around, and be upset and negative about missing your significant other. Although it’s hard with them not being around, but being upset and constantly thinking and worrying about it will make the situation worse. Ways to keep busy can be watching movies with your room mates or a friend, and spending time with your other loved ones.

Another extremely important factor when it comes to keeping up a long distance relationship is trust. Without trust, no relationship can survive (especially a long distance one). It’s important that you trust your partner, in order to keep a happy relationship. No relationship can be strong enough if one person is always wondering whether or not your significant other is going to betray you.  Trust also eases the situation by providing you comfort in knowing that whatever your significant other is doing, he or she knows that they shouldn’t do anything to put your relationship in danger.

Another contending factor, almost as important as trust, is communication. Not being able to see someone face to face makes keeping up a relationship extremely challenging.  Miscommunication becomes another obstacle you have to overcome, as it is a result of only communicating through what you physically can (which is typically social media). It’s always important to convey to each other how you are feeling about things, so it leaves room for improvement in the relationship. Lack of communication can lead to misunderstandings in the relationship, which creates an unhealthy situation. Communication is essentially the base of building trust in a relationship, and helps make your bond stronger. It’s important to be open when communicating with your partner, because it creates a sense of comfort between the two of you. Good communication is one of the biggest things to work on in a relationship, because bad communication typically results in a fall out and argument. Communication improves the bond you have together, as well as helps fix issues and strengthens the both of you.

Although relationships long distance can be a very difficult thing, there are things you can do to make your relationship enjoyable. There are ways to keep your relationship alive and interesting, even if you cant always be together as much as you would like to.

One of the many things you can do is to make a surprise visit to your partner. Aside from trying to arrange days of the month that work for you both, as a day to see each other; it is possible to make your relationship fun and give your partner a surprise visit that they wouldn’t necessarily see coming. This gives you more time to spend with your loved one, as well as adding some fun to a not-so-fun situation.

Thanks to our growing technology, other ways to keep in touch is through the amazing thing we call social media. This goes as far as Twitter, Facebook, text and Skype/ face time. Skype allows you to visually see each other, which helps improve your bond with each other and help keeps you close through this rough time. Facebook comes in handy when it comes to the need to share pictures, videos and even messages with one another. It helps your significant other see how your day is going, and what your plans are (in the non creepy way), and you are able to keep tabs on them too. Twitter has almost the same purpose, where it becomes simple to share thoughts and plans for the day with one another, as well as allowing you to chat with one each other. Texting is the biggest thing, where it becomes extremely easy to talk to one another, as if you are constantly talking on the phone or as if the person is actually with you. It helps keep in touch, and strengthens the bond of you two while apart.

Long distance relationships are a truly difficult thing that takes effort, time, strength, trust and patience. They have many negatives, but there are many positives as well, which is increasing the strength of your relationship with each other. The biggest thing to remember is that if you didn’t think your relationship was worth it, you wouldn’t stress and go through an LDR. It’s important to keep a positive mind, and to never give up. Although it seems close too impossible, making a long distance relationship is possible. If you keep these things in mind while your loved one is away, it’ll help you get through it. These tips can help you stay connected and help your relationship survive the distance.


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