About Us

Hey there, welcome to our blog duo domination! Our names are Lexy Benedict and Melissa Romualdi, 2 best friends who just wanna explore the world around us. Why do we call ourselves duo domination? because we are the ultimate dynamic duo, we do everything together (we’re basically a packaged deal)  We have a passion for beauty, fashion, health and lifestyle- so thats basically what we blog about.We are aspiring journalists, designers and event directors; essentially why we started this blog. We started this also to convey messages about the beauty world, the fashion world and basically THE world, to you guys, our readers. We love sharing our thoughts on topics, as well as communicating with people like you. We want to explore and adventure the world around us, larger than our teenage bubble.

I hope you guys like our blog, and we hope to hear lots from you


Business Inquiries



instagram/twitter: @dynamicduo


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